Presbyterian Church (NSW) Protocol (1994)

(Text only version; reproduced with permission - for further information contact Presbyterian Church of Australia - NSW, Ministry and Mission Dept, ph: 02-9319 6983 or from outside Australia 61-2-9319 6983


This Presbyterian protocol is noteworthy for being one of the first abuse protocols—and certainly by far the best at the time—in any denomination in Australia. Looking back from the vantage point of more than quarter of a century later, it is remarkable for its grasp of clergy abuse dynamics and its victim-centred approach. However well or poorly it was applied (and protocols weren't always adhered to, even when they existed), it stands as an example of what churches of the era could aspire to, years before legislation forced them into it.


Breaking the Silence:

Policies and Procedures for Protecting Against and Dealing with Sexual Abuse within the Church



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