The Presbyterian Church of Australia in New South Wales would like to acknowledge and thank those who gave of their time in helping to put this document together. A special thanks to Pauline Coulton, Marion Smith, David Burke and to the staff of the Presbyterian Social Services for their tireless efforts in researching and producing the first document by the Presbyterian Church on the important issue of sexual abuse.

We would also like to acknowledge the following publications which have been used in compiling this document:

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Further Recommended Reading

  1. "When Child Abuse Comes to the Church", by Bill Anderson (Bethany, 1992)

  2. "Breaking Through" by Cathy Ann Matthews (Southdown Press, Australia, 1986)

  3. "When Ministers Sin" by Neil and Thea Ormerod (Millennium Books, 1995)


Steps for Action

In the interests of protecting children and others against perpetrators of sexual abuse, and in an effort to prevent false allegations against the Church, we would suggest the following courses of action:

  1. That the Session adopt the screening forms in appendix 1 & 2 and prescribe that they be used when taking on workers within ministries of the local church.

  2. That the Session adopt the policies and procedures in appendix 3 & 4, and that the policies be publicised within the local church.

  3. That Ministers are urged to develop their own ethical guidelines using the appendices in this document as a basis and then have them sighted by spouses, Sessions and Presbyteries for the purpose of being held accountable.



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