Survivors Bill of Rights

1. We have a right to tell our stories.

2. We have a right to be heard by the Church and society.

3. We have a right to expect the Church to act to protect us and the rest of society from abusers within its ranks.

4. We have a right to expect that the Church will advocate on our behalf to the offender.

5. We have a right to expect that any demand for our forgiveness of the perpetrator is not made until the perpetrator or his/her agent has met the requirements set out in the section about forgiveness.

6. We have a right to feel disillusioned, hurt and betrayed by the unethical behaviour of the Church's representatives.

7. We have a right to develop a different perspective on our faith because of our pain.

8. We have a right to seek and work for the protection of others.

(These points are my own thoughts, although they have grown out of the shared pain of many survivors, and our feelings of betrayal by society's and the church's reaction to our stories.)

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