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Rapson, David Edward (37) RCC priest and Salesian Brother - 1992 Pleaded guilty to 5 counts of indecent assault against 15yo boy. Sentenced to 2 years jail. Originally faced 10 counts. At the time of his trial, Rapson was no longer teaching but was still supported by the Salesian Order.
Redfern, Graham, RCC priest - 2002 Report reveals AUS Catholic Church paid sex abuse victim $15,000 compensation after Church Commission into Sexual Abuse finds priest sexually abused youth, aged 18, in 1976 just weeks after giving last rites to victim's mother. Police statements allege Redfern took youth to motels and on country trips, where sexual abuse occurred. Despite commission's finding, church found it would "not be in public interest" to sack Redfern. Report reveals that, after victim lodged statements with VIC police in 1995, Redfern went on "sabbatical" from Seymour parish where he had served since early 1990s and in 1996 reappeared at St Thomas More Church, Mt Eliza, where he served as assistant priest until 2001.
Ridings, Christopher (1939-2021) UCA minister - 1991 Convicted of 3 counts of indecent assault on a child 10-12 years old, during 1989-90. He was sentenced to a 3 year good behaviour bond.  In 1994 the church examined the conviction and instructed Ridings to avoid working with children, but retained his status as a minister in good standing. 
Ridsdale, Gerald aka Fozzie Bear (b.1934) RCC priest - 1993 Pleaded guilty to 30 counts against 8 boys. Jailed for 15 months. Released after 3 months. Publicity resulted in 151 new charges being laid in 1994. In total, pleaded guilty to 46 counts involving 21 children, although charged with 180 counts. Jailed for 18 years, with a minimum of 15 years. Appeal dismissed. Previously convicted for offences against 8 victims and sentenced to jail 27 years earlier (1966). One of his victims later needed an operation to repair damage resulting from constant anal rape. Ridsdale was known to carry a jar of Vaseline in his car. When children refused to go with him on a pretext, he would ask their parents who would then instruct their children to assist the priest. Complaints date from the time of his ordination in 1961, through nine parishes to 1982. Detectives stated the Church moved Ridsdale to a new parish whenever there was a complaint. Ridsdale claimed himself molested as child by Christian Brother. He was dismissed by the Pope in November 1993. Note: In 1972 Ridsdale shared the presbytery (the clergy house) with (now Archbishop) George Pell. Pell declares he knew nothing of Ridsdale's activities in spite of the fact that Ridsdale's activities were common knowledge both among the church hierarchy and local parishes and many of Ridsdale's victims were abused in the presbytery.2006 Appeared in court via video link from jail on a further 68 counts of indecent assault and 12 of buggery against 10 boys, the youngest of whom was 6yo. Pleaded guilty to 35 charges (24 counts of indecent assault, seven of gross indecency and four of buggery) involving 10 boys.  Sentenced to a maximum of 13 years' imprisonment, with a minimum parole period of seven years.  The minimum extra time Ridsdale will serve is 4 years.
Riley, Greg Francis, Christian Brother - 1999 Pleaded guilty to 17 counts of indecent assault. Offences occurred late 1970s and early 1980s. Sentenced to 3 years jail. Note: The case resulted from information the victims gave to Justice Wood's inquiry into corruption in NSW.
Robinson, Barry; RCC priest - Admitted abusing a 16yo boy while on transfer in Boston USA.  Criminal investigation was abandoned in 1994 when Robinson returned to Melbourne.  Following treatment and supervision, Robinson was appointed an assistant parish priest (restricted ministry) in 1997 by Archbishop George Pell.  According to a church official in Australia, Robinson had also admitted to engaging in sexual misconduct (not with juveniles) while a priest in Chile between 1979-85.  Following the publication of his history, the Melbourne Archdiocese initially declared they saw no reason to remove Robinson from parish work, but public outcry forced Robinson's removal a short time later.  
Robinson, Brian James (74) Christian Brother - 1999 Committed for trial in Brisbane Magistrates Court on 4 sex charges, including 2 counts of carnal knowledge and 2 of permitting carnal knowledge, against children, aged under 16, from 1969 in QLD.
Robinson, Stephen Joseph (51) St Gerard Brother - Convicted 1998 for acts of indecency against 2 novices 1979-81. Sentenced to 18 months jail.
Rosenow, William "Hallelujah Bill" (70) Salvation Army member - 1994 Dies after being charged with indecently assaulting female employee, aged 24, at his home in Victoria. Rosenow described as "prominent Ballarat businessman" and "sanctimonious Christian".
Rubeo, Victor (63) RCC priest - 1996 Pleaded guilty to indecent assault on two boys in his parish. Sentenced to a 12 month good behaviour bond. In August 1996, while waiting to appear in court, Rubeo resigned his parish and retired from ministry. He became eligible to his retirement benefits in 1998.
Ryan, Gerard Vincent (58) RCC priest - Hunter Valley: Pleaded guilty 1996 to 30 charges including indecent assault and sexual penetration. Sentenced to 6 years jail with 2 years non-parole. Appeal dismissed. Convicted 1997 for 53 further offences against boys under 14. Sentenced to 16 years jail to commence May 2000 at end of previous sentence. A complaint against Ryan in the mid-70s resulted in him being sent to a retreat in Melbourne, where he attended one counselling session before returning to parish work. In August 1996 Bishop Malone, of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, urged other victims to come forward, but said "Vince Ryan is still a priest and until such time as he wants to leave the priesthood and return to the lay community - that is become a human again - that would be his decision". 27/2/03 Ryan's sentence reduced by 4 years on appeal, due to "his otherwise good character, and the stress and stigma he had endured from his convictions
", plus the fact that he disclosed offences unknown to police. The diocese has guaranteed Ryan will be disqualified from pastoral duties on release and placed in the RCC's in-house sex offender supervision programme, Encompass.
Ryan, Paul David Carl (58) RCC priest - 2006 Pleaded guilty to 5 counts of indecent assault of two boys in 1991.  Another victim committed suicide before trial.  The first complaint known to have been made to thee church about Ryan was the week after he was ordained in 1976.  Ryan also spent "spiritual formation" time in the US on 7 occasions, and more victims have surfaced there, some of whom have been paid settlements by the Ballarat Diocese. Ryan was sentenced to 18 months jail, eligible for parole after 12 months.
Sampson, Lloyd Luciano (47) New Apostolic Church minister - Perth 2000. Charged with 15 counts of sexual penetration and indecent assault on 3 girls (sisters). The offences came to the attention of police after the youngest girl finally complained to her older sisters because he was hurting her so much and she wanted to kill herself. Doctors found internal injuries. The girls' 3-year-old brother also showed similar evidence of bleeding from the lower bowel which suggested he had also been molested but because he was too young to give a statement or to testify police laid no charges. Three juries convicted Sampson on five charges of sexual penetration and three of indecent dealing against the two younger girls, and against the three as a group. A fourth jury cleared him of any wrong doing against the eldest girl. Sampson (married with 2 children) was dismissed as minister after charges laid. Sentenced to 10 years jail, eligible for parole after 4 years.
Sapsford, Alan (66) Anglican priest - 2002  Charged with multiple counts of gross indecency, indecent assault and committing an indecent act with a child against multiple victims while parish priest in Seymour, Victoria (where he worked from 1966-96).  One of his victims later became a priest himself, and disclosed the abuse to the local bishop in 1996.  The bishop obtained a signed admission from Sapsford.  However, although the bishop wanted to withdraw Sapsford's licence, intervention by the then-Archbishop of Melbourne ensured Sapsford retired "on the grounds of ill-health".  Archbishop Raynor then licensed Sapsford to work in one parish in Melbourne, but Sapsford used the licence to work all over Australia.  In 2002, a group of parishioners at Seymour demanded a church inquiry, but before it could be resolved the matter became a police investigation and the church withdrew.  Questions about one of the detectives handling the case, who was a friend of Sapsford, led to the Victorian Police Ethical Standards Division investigating.  Sapsford was due to stand trial in June 2003, but died in March.  
Sargent, Haydn Gerald (62) Church of Christ minister in Sydney, and Brisbane talkback radio host - 1998 Charged with 12 child sex offences, including 2 counts of committing unlawful sexual intercourse and 10 of indecent assault, against boy, aged under 16, between 1959 and 1960 in Sydney. Charges dropped in 1999 on grounds victim too disturbed to testify.
Schmitt, Raymond George, Christian missionary - 1998 Convicted of indecent dealing with 14yo boy in his care. Sentenced to 3 years jail.
Searson, Peter (74) RCC priest and primary school teacher - 1997 Receives 6 month good behaviour bond in Dandenong Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to charges of physically assaulting altar boy, aged 12, between 1984 and 1997 while priest at Doveton, VIC. On one occasion, Searson struck boy because he giggled during mass. Also in 1997, Searson was removed from his parish after 50 people complained about him taking children out of school for one-on-one sex education classes.
Sharwood, Robert Francis, (58) Anglican priest and school chaplain - 2002 Sacked as chaplain of Brisbane's exclusive Churchie Anglican Grammar school after allegations surface that he repeatedly molested young male between 1974 and 1976 in Brisbane's west. The victim was a 13yo organist at the church at which Sharwood was assistant curate. In 1976 the victim's father intercepted a letter from Sharwood to the victim which clearly indicated a sexual relationship. He complained to the church, whose bishop pronounced "absolute forgiveness and restoration to the church" on Sharwood. Police were contacted in January 2002 after victim learns Sharwood was still working with children. 2006 Convicted on four counts: one each of carnal knowledge and permitting carnal knowledge, and two of indecent assault.  Sharwood had already pleaded guilty to another 7 charges relating to the same victim. Sharwood was sentenced to two years 9 months jail, suspended after one year.
Shea, John Rowan (Jack) (73) ex-trainee priest - 1996 Pleaded guilty to 2 charges of attempted penetration and indecent assault on 2 boys under 16 between 1969-78. At a separate trial in Dec 1995 convicted on 10 counts of indecent assault and attempted buggery. Sentenced to 3 years jail with a minimum of 12 months. Appeal dismissed. Shea had traded on his connections with bishops and priests and claimed he was looking for boys to become priests.
Shearman, Donald (76) Anglican bishop and OBE recipient - 2002 Shearman publicly admits truth of allegations of his 2 year long abuse of a 14yo girl in mid-1950s at church-run boarding home. He refused to apologise. The victim had gone to Archbishop Hollingworth in 1995, and Shearman had admitted the allegations then. Hollingworth had not taken any action. In 1993, another victim allegedly went to Hollingworth with abuse claims against Shearman but apparently was discouraged from going to police. Shearman's priest's license was revoked only after Hollingworth took leave from the archbishopric to become Governor General in 2001. After internal church court hearings, Shearman was defrocked in 2004.
Simpson, Terence Anthony (58) Christian Brother - 1998 Pleaded guilty to 6 counts of indecent dealing with two boys aged 8 & 9 in 1962
at St Joseph's College in Qld. Sentenced to 2 years jail, suspended. 2004 Pleaded guilty to 7 charges of indecent treatment against 3 former students aged 9 and 10 at Gregory Terrace school in the 1960s.  Given 18 month suspended sentence.  No longer a member of the order.
Slattery, Michael (61) RCC priest - 2007 Pleaded guilty to three acts of indecency -- two committed on the victim when she was aged 14 and one when she was aged 15.  Judge Woods sentenced Slattery to three terms of 18 months jail, to be served concurrently, suspended, with an eighteen month good behaviour bond.
Smith, Charles Alan (65) Salvation Army major - 1997 Pleaded guilty to 39 charges including gross indecency and indecent assault on 9 boys during the 1960s and 70s, having already previously pleaded guilty to 76 other charges relating to offences in Perth from 1958-77.  
There were a total of 29 victims involved in all those 115 charges, aged from 10yo to 17yo.  Sentenced to 15 years jail. 2005 Released from jail after serving less than 8 years.  Relocated to Victoria to complete his parole, but the Victorian Govt has refused to state how he is being monitored.  NB. During 2004-05 a rumour was circulating that his convictions were for offences in NZ prior to coming to Australia; however, any offences committed in NZ would be tried there, not here. 
Smith, Regis, Melbourne Franciscan brother and Catholic priest - 2000 Catholic Church agrees to pay sex abuse victim $200,000 compensation after Church Commission into Sexual Abuse accepts as "substantially correct" victim's allegations against 3 priests, including Br Godfrey AINSWORTH, Fr Francis ELLUL and Br Regis Smith. Commission hears Smith, of Waverley, Sydney, in 1982 indecently assaulted female victim, aged 34, over 3 hour period at St Kilda. Commission told priest was former footballer whose strength was "enormous".
Souter, Robert Leslie (46) Jehovah's Witness - August 2000 Pleaded guilty to one count of buggery and four counts of indecent assault on two teenage boys from 1978-80. Sentenced to five years jail with three years non-parole. Had admitted the offences to church elders, who disfellowshipped him five years later, but did nothing more. Judge commented extremely unfavourably on church's lack of action, and reduced the sentence because Souter was himself a child abuse victim.
Spratt, Peter Richard (59) Marist Brother - Pleaded guilty 1996 to indecent assault on 14yo boy in 1979. Spratt left the order in the early 1980s. His co-operation with the police investigation earned him a reduced sentence. Sentenced to 2 year good behaviour bond and fined $2000. Request for name suppression denied.
Sullivan, Desmond, 57 (VIC, 1998). Melbourne Marist Brother and Catholic secondary school teacher. Admits to breaking celibacy vow after confessing to fathering son to woman, aged 23, in 1989 whom he met in 1984 while teacher at Catholic secondary college in country VIC. Church inquiry hears Sullivan maintained sexual relationship with girl over 5 year period but abandoned her soon after son born. In 1998, victim went to media after Marist Brothers order refused to cover half costs of child's upbringing.
Sutton, Gregory Joseph aka AB (45) Marist Brother - 1996 Pleaded guilty to 67 charges of sexual penetration and indecent assault on 11 boys and 4 girls under 11yo between 1976 and 1987 at Mosman, Eastwood and Lismore. Sutton fled after investigations commenced and was arrested in US while principal of St Louis Catholic school. Sentenced to 18 years jail.
Sweeney, John Gerard Patrick (59) St Gerard Majella brother - Pleaded guilty 1993 to indecent assault on 18yo naval apprentice, and received good behaviour bond. Convicted 1997 of three counts of indecent assault and jailed for 18 months. Pleaded guilty in 1998 to act of indecency. Originally faced 21 charges including penetration and indecent assault. Lost Order of Australia Medal over offences.
Swiatkowski, Tadeusz (42) RCC - 1998 Pleaded guilty to soliciting for prostitution. Fined $250. Counsel for Swiatkowski pleaded for leniency on the basis of already endured public humiliation. Swiatkowski , although living in Newcastle NSW, was convicted in Brisbane. (Tadeusz = Polish; Edward)
Swingler, Alan Edward (53) ex-trainee Marist Brother - 1996 Pleaded guilty to 10 counts of gross indecency and indecent assault and found guilty on a further four counts of gross indecency, indecent assault and buggery. Swingler left the order before completing his training, but then taught religion. The mother of one victim said even after the family complained to the school, Swingler was retained on staff. Sentenced to 7 years jail with five years non-parole.
Tasker, Donald Gilbert (61) teacher and ex-trainee Presbyterian minister - 1992 Pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault. Found guilty on a further 27 charges of indecent assault, attempted indecent assault, aggravated gross indecency, sexual penetration with aggravating circumstances on a child over 10 and a child under 10. Sentenced to 6 years jail with a minimum 4 years. Appeal resulted in retrial of all charges to which Tasker had pleaded not guilty, and he was subsequently found guilty of two counts of indecent assault and one of attempted indecent assault, and acquitted on a further 13 charges. Sentenced to 6 month jail term suspended for two years.
Taylor, Albert Matthew aka Brother George (83) de la Salle brother - Pleaded guilty 1996 to 2 counts indecent assault against 11yo student at de la Salle College, Revesby. Sentenced to 3 year good behaviour bond, following a doctor's report that Taylor's condition would "very rapidly deteriorate" if he was sent to prison.
Taylor, Colgan, (80) Marist Brother NSW – 2002 Pleaded guilty to molesting two young girls, one of them intellectually disabled. The disabled girl was between 8 and 11yo at the time of the offences (which spanned a 3year period) and the other girl was 5yo. Taylor was jailed for 18 months suspended after 4 months. The judge said that the former brother had shown genuine remorse and was extremely unlikely to re-offend. Taylor had been a Marist school headmaster until his 50s, then transferring into pastoral care work. Though living in a home for retired brothers in Sydney at the time of conviction, he was charged and convicted in Brisbane District court since the offences occurred in the Gladstone area.
Toomey, Peter John (56) Christian Brother - 2005 Pleaded guilty to 10 counts of indecent assault against 10 children aged 11-12 in the 1970s.  Sentenced to 2 years jail, 6 months custodial and the remainder suspended for three years. 
Treacy, John Leslie (57) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1993 to indecent assault of 16 yo boy. Treacy told boy "good friends do this" after molesting him during weekend beach trip. Placed on $750/12 month good behaviour bond, no conviction recorded. Subsequently returned to parish work in Dalby, Qld, then 2000-2002 leading Sunday Mass and Holy Communion for patients aged 13 and over at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.
Van Klooster, Adrian Richard Peter John (59) RCC priest - 2002 Appears in Bunbury Magistrates Court charged with 2 counts of indecently dealing with 2 children, aged under 13. Also charged with 12 counts of indecently dealing with a child under 13, four of indecently recording a child under 13 and one of possessing child pornography. The pornography was stored on his computer under the heading "Parish Business". In evidence tendered to the court, van Klooster also admitted abusing another girl in the late 1960s or early 1970s.  January 2003 Pleaded guilty, sentenced to 31 years jail reduced to 8 years. Though 5 victims were involved in the court case, some of the pornography related to other children, and thus van Klooster's sentence for that offence was separate and cumulative rather than concurrent.  Van Klooster had originally worked in the Wollongong diocese, but had been transferred to WA twice, once in the 1970s, returning to NSW in the early 80s, and once in 1994.
Veness, Alan aka Geoffrey (62) Marist Brother - 2000 Charged with 3 counts of indecently dealing with 15yo student in 1994.
Waters, Peter RCC - 1999 RCC Commission into Sexual Abuse found Waters had abused Michael Santamaria, a member of one of Australia's prominent Catholic families. Santamaria reported having spoken with another of Waters' victims, and is believed to be one of four victims who complained to the Commission. Waters was put on "administrative leave", but refused to co-operate with the internal investigation.
Weston, Keith William, (81) RCC Christian Brother - 2004 Charged with sexual assault on four boys aged 12 to 14 between 1964 and 1972.  At the time of the offences, Weston was principal of St Joseph's Junior College, Pascoe Vale.  On three occasions Weston told boys to go to his office and remove their clothes before masturbating them. The fourth assault took place in similar circumstances through the boy's clothes.  Weston claimed to be suffering from poor health, including dementia, prostate cancer and depression and had sought medical certification of his unfitness to plead, but when that failed he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 2 year jail term, fully suspended for 2 years.  A fifth victim said he reported his allegations to police in 1997, but the charges were permanently stayed after two investigators resigned from the force during the case.
Whelan, Barry (67) Catholic priest - 2002 Whelan "retired" after a woman publicly alleged a relationship with Whelan.  Subsequent investigation by journalists uncovered at least 5 victims, all of whom had complained to successive Melbourne archbishops (Frank Little, George Pell and Denis Hart), and 3 of whom had received settlements from the diocese.   One was only 13yo, and one had a child by Whelan.  Whelan initially denied any relationship with the woman, but recanted after DNA testing proved paternity.  Pell had, in fact, removed Whelan from priestly duties, but Whelan appealed to the Vatican and Pell was over-ruled.
Wiggins, Leslie James (63) Anglican - 1991 Convicted of indecent assault of 3 boys 11 and 12 yo in 1989-90. 3 months sentence suspended for 12 months. Wiggins had been commended by an archbishop and received an award from the Anglican Boys Society for his work with children.
Williams, Jim, AoG pastor - 2003 Brian Houston, senior pastor at Hillsong Church, assented to (but defended) the fact that Jim Williams, currently serving as an AoG pastor in Brisbane, previously
AoG New Zealand general superintendent, had had his ministry licence permanently revoked in New Zealand because of sexual misconduct.
Wright, Leo Daniel (57) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1995 to 17 counts of gross indecency, indecent assault and indecent dealing of 3 girls (2 under 12yo), a 14yo boy and an 18yo woman. Sentenced to 3 years jail. After sentencing, the Catholic diocesan chancellor (legal advisor), the Rev Jim Spence, said Wright would always be a priest; the church's concern was what his mission would be when he got out of jail. One victim complained to the church in 1990 and requested that Wright be removed from parish work. The Church agreed, but Wright was still ministering in 1993, and when the woman complained again, Wright was sent to St Luke's Institute, a treatment facility in the US. Wright was still listed as a priest in the 1995 Australian Catholic Directory. In 1997 Wright pleaded guilty to 8 counts. Sentenced to additional 18 months, suspended after 6 months. Last heard 2002 working as "companion" for clients including sex abuse victims and drug addicts at Bethel Cummunity Centre, Gold Coast, run by QLD Sisters of St Joseph's.
Yancey, Jack Karl (60) Church of Christ charismatic church minister - 1993 Pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court to 11 postal harassment charges. Yancey sent his (female television personality) victims sexually explicit letters accompanied by photographs from pornographic magazines depicting group heterosexual sex, group lesbian sex, pregnant women and oral sex. Received suspended 6 month jail sentence.
Yang, Myong duk, Uniting Church minister - Church investigation in 2000 substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with an adult parishioner. Myong duk Yang admitted the offence, and church action included a period of being stood down from ministry and a twelve month period of supervision.

ST GEORGE'S, Rockhampton Anglican children's home - 2001 Seven former residents file actions in QLD Supreme Court alleging they were subjected to atrocities in 1970s described as among worst committed against children in QLD. Litigants claim Anglican priest attached live electrical wires to children's genitals and inserted wire implements in their rectums. Priest also allegedly beat children using cricket bats and flushed their heads in faeces-filled toilets.


Credits: In 2000, the Eros Foundation in Australia published a book entitled "Hypocrites" focussing on the high incidence of sexual crime in the church. Information from this source has been helpful in compiling the following list. "Hypocrites" can be read online in the archives of the National Library (PDF files, including illustrations) or as a text-only document on this site by clicking on this link. Further details were obtained from "The Australian Paedophile and Sex Offender Index" by Deborah Coddington. Data was also sourced from (to whom I express heartfelt appreciation for their co-operation) and (no longer operational), Broken Rites, news articles and other sources.


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