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2) the difference between licences (or faculties) being revoked and offenders being defrocked
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Laishkochav, Alistah aka Ian Francis Lowe and Ariel Abraham Enki (71) - 1999 Charged with 40 offences including sexual penetration of under 10yo, attempted penetration, indecent assault, and recklessly causing injury. Offences were against girls aged 7-10yo in his commune.  Convicted on 22 counts.  Jailed for 7½ years with a non-parole period of 5 years.  March 2003 Transferred to NSW to answer a further 5 charges for indecent assault on two teenage girls (13 & 14 yo) in the 1970s.  All the offences occurred among his commune, which included his 9 wives and 63 children.
Lane, John Henry, Salvation Army officer - 1997 Convicted of sexually abusing 7yo girl in Sunday School class. Sentenced to 12 months jail.
Lannen, Michael William (49) trainee RCC priest, eucharist minister and senior prison psychologist - 1996 Convicted on charges of official corruption and procuring sex by intimidation. Lannen "adopted" boy, aged 12, in 1985 through Children's Services Department and allegedly traded sexual favours with male prisoners in return for favourable parole reports. Also served as clinical psychologist at Mater Children's Hospital, South Brisbane, during 1980s. Sentenced to 4 years jail.
Lebler. William (83) RCC brother - 2005 With Garchow and Maloney (q.v.) found liable for extradition to NZ to face molestation charges of pupils at Marylands School, Christchurch.  However, psychiatrists assessed Lebler as borderline mentally retarded and he escaped extradition (and therefore trial).
Leunig, Leo St Clair (68) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1994 to 46 charges involving 3 boys, including indecent dealing, indecent assault and carnal knowledge. Sentenced to 6 years jail. Leunig lived nedxt door to a p[arish primary school for many years, but the church did not warn the school principal or parents, in spite of having known of Leunig's behaviour since 1979. When the father of one of the victims found out, Leunig admitted it and moved from WA to the east coast. He claims his offending stopped in 1980. His faculties were revoked when a Catholic bishop learnt of the abuse, but in 1995 Leunig was still listed in the Catholic Directory as a supplementary (relieving) priest. 1995 Pleaded guilty to a further 4 charges of indecent dealing and carnal knowledge involving one boy 1973-76. Sentenced to a further 12 months jail.
Little, Bruce Francis (54) - 1996 QLD Gold Coast: Pleaded guilty to act of indecency in public park toilet after numerous complaints by parents. Transferred after arrest from Burleigh Heads to Redcliffe parish, where he was listed as one of the three parish priests at the time of sentencing. Fined $750. No conviction recorded. Currently (2002) in Clermont (Rockhampton diocese).
Littler, John Aloysius aka Brother Nestor (74) Marist Brother - Pleaded guilty 1993 to 3 charges. Five year good behaviour bond. Littler fled after further investigations commenced and was arrested and extradited from US in 1996 while ministering in Chicago. 1996 Faced a further 30 charges involving 7 boys, including penetration and indecent assault.
Lloyd, Barrington (43) Anglican priest 1995 Failed to appear in WA court on charges of indecently assaulting woman between 1990 and 1991 in WA. Warrant issued for Lloyd's arrest.
Logan, Raymond Hugh aka Br Pius Bernard (74) De La Salle brother - 2000 Pleaded guilty to
multiple counts of indecent assault against three boys. One of the charges was “indecent assault with intent to commit buggery”.  Sentenced to 3 years jail, to be served as weekend detention.  One offence was at Bankstown De La Salle College in Sydney in 1965. A second offence was against a 12yo boy at St John’s De La Salle College, Lakemba (Sydney), in 1966-7. The third was at another Sydney Catholic school in 1975-7.  Logan had a previous history of complaints against him from 1963 in WA, from where he was transferred to Victoria.  At the time, his superior wrote this to him: "Any good work you could hope to do in Midland, would be jeopardized by your past imprudences with several boys. Unfortunately, your imprudent advances have been talked about amongst a section of the boys, and inevitably it has gone further....Be resolved in future to keep your hands off the boys.”  In 1964 Logan was transferred to Sydney, where not only did some of the offences for which he was convicted occur, but he also came to the attention of police for exposing himself and masturbating in public in 1966.  At this time, the De La Salle HQ gave him a written warning.  A similar incident in 1968 resulted in Logan leaving the order, but he obtained employment at a Christian Brothers school as "Mr Logan", and continued to offend (as shown by his guilty plea).  Several more allegations have arisen, both in NSW and WA, but Logan died in 2004 so no further convictions can be obtained. 
Lowe, Ian Francis - see Laishkochav, Alistah
McArdle, Michael Joseph (66) RCC - 2003 C
onvicted of abusing 16 children over 22 years, including molesting a brother and sister in a confessional.  Sentenced to 6 years jail.  2002 Admitted serial abuse to newspaper reporters, and claimed the diocese had known and covered up. Bishop Heenan (Rockhampton) confirmed the abuse and issued public apology. The victims were mostly 10yo altar boys, who McArdle claimed "wanted it because they didn't resist". He refused to turn himself in to police, and said he didn't need psychiatric help because he was dealing with it on a spiritual level. McArdle had retired in 1988 but was still involved privately with worshippers. He was charged and appeared in court on April 16 2003. He pleaded guilty to more than 60 child sex offences, including indecent dealing with a boy under 14 between January 1973 and December 1974, together with a number of other offences of a similar nature. The indecent dealing and indecent treatment involved more than a dozen complainants and occurred between 1965 and 1987.
McAuley, Ross Leslie Stewart, Anglican priest, St John's Cathedral precentor, choirmaster and Church Sexual Abuse Committee member - 1995 Complainant made allegations of sexual assault against McAuley in 1975 at Brookfield, Brisbane. Later in 1995, Archbishop Hollingworth appointed McAuley to Sexual Abuse Complaints Committee despite protests from victim. After a second complaint went to the Complaints Committee (who were not informed of the previous complaint) the Committee warned Hollingworth that McAuley should not be left in charge of young members of choir. Eighteen months later McAuley left the Anglican Church. Anglican sources describe McAuley as sexual predator. In 1999, McAuley joined Catholic Church in Devonport, TAS and applied to become a trainee priest. Subsequent inquiries by the RCC led to McAuley's application being refused. McAuley is now living near Ballarat.
McGrath, Bernard Kevin (50) St John of God Brother - 1997 Pleaded guilty to 6 counts of indecent assault against 12yo boy. Sentenced to 9 months jail. Previously pleaded guilty in 1993 to 10 charges of indecent assault involving 6 boys while ministering in NZ. Received two 3 year jail sentences to be served concurrently.
McKeirnan, Ronald John (60) RCC priest, school chaplain, scoutmaster - 1998 Pleaded guilty to 15 counts against 9 boys of indecent assault and indecent dealing between 1964 and 1965 and again between 1975 and 1977, while a school chaplain. Originally charged with 27 counts against 13 boys. Jailed for 3 years, suspended after 12 months. The judge also said that he had no doubt that McKeirnan was genuinely remorseful and had taken steps as early as 1973 to to rehabilitate himself, going to the US for counselling and eventually putting himself in a job where he would not be in contact with youths. In 1999, Fr McKeirnan appeared in QLD court charged with indecently assaulting 3 prisoners while in prison library. In 2002, operating under name "Pastoral Services" developing web pages for Catholic agency Church Life & Mission, Brisbane, where he has worked since 2000.
McLachlan (or McLauchlan), Paul (67) RCC priest - Convicted 2000 on seven counts including indecent dealing and sexual penetration (sodomy) on 13yo boy. Originally charged with 27 offences. Sentenced to 3yrs 8 months jail. McLachlan had been head of the Catholic Media Office in Qld for 19 yrs. . In 2001, McLachlan receives additional 18 month jail sentence in Brisbane District Court after pleading guilty to 10 further charges of indecently assaulting 4 boys over 9 year period between 1965 and 1974. Court hears McLachlan used his position to intimidate boys and told one boy he would "go to hell" and God would punish his family if he complained about assault to anyone.
McNamara, Gerard (66) Marist Brother - 2004 Pleaded guilty to 7 counts of indecent assault on 7 boys aged 11-14 in the early 1970s at the Traralgon school at which McNamara was deputy principal (he later became principal).  The abuses happened in the sports equipment shed and a bedroom near McNamara's office and comprised massaging their genital areas with Dencorub.  The victims told the court McNamara's abuse was well known to students at the campus, all of whom came to dread an invitation to the notorious shed.  McNamara admitted massaging the boys but denied sexual contact.  The prosecutor said that despite his guilty plea, McNamara had consistently denied any wrongdoing and showed little remorse.  In 2005 McNamara received a three year jail term, fully suspended for two years.  The judge said that McNamara's offences were at the lower end of the scale and that he had "voluntarily desisted" from the behaviour since the offences and had gone on to make a substantial contribution to society.
McNamara, Hugh "Ossie" aka Brother Oswald McManus (65) Marist Brother - 1995 Convicted for indecently dealing with a Brisbane schoolboy. 1997 Implicated in the suicide of footballer Peter Jackson, whom he confessed to abusing, and whose widow sued for damages. 1998 Received 3 year good behaviour bond in Parramatta District Court after being convicted on physical assault charge. 1999 Appeared in Parramatta District Court charge with indecently assaulting boy, aged 12, in 1970 at St Joseph's College, Hunter's Hill, Sydney.
Maguire, John, (58) Marist brother and teacher/deputy headmaster - 2002 Ordered to appear in Sydney Central Court to face 16 charges of indecent assault against 6 schoolboys between 1984 and 1985 at St Joseph's College, Hunter's Hill, Sydney. Until he was charged in February 2002, following 18 month investigation by NSW police, Maguire was deputy headmaster at Ashgrove Marist Brothers College, Brisbane, where he lived on-site. 2003 7 charges dropped due to lack of evidence.
Main, Eric, Uniting Church - Found guilty of rape and sexual abuse of multiple parishioners in church enquiry. Confession on tape. Defrocked.
, Rodger (70) RCC brother - see Moloney, Rodger.
Marchant, William Edwin (60) Christian Brother - 1997 Charged with 4 counts of gross indecency against 12yo boy. Pleaded guilty to one count. Sentenced to 12 months community service involving 40 hours work.
Merivale, Terence Michael (58) RCC priest - 2000 Pleaded guilty to 8 charges including indecent assault and digital penetration on 3 girls under 14. Sentenced to 12 months jail, reduced to 6 months on appeal.
Mesiti, Pat, Assemblies of God senior pastor, Australian Christian Churches national director and "internationally lauded" evangelist - 2002 Sacked as ACC national director and stripped of license to minister amid allegations of sex abuse and predatory behaviour while associate minister at Hillsong AoG church, Castle Hill, northwest of Sydney. The church had originally only released the information to its ordained and probationary ministers, claiming that it was not relevant for the congregation to know.  Mesiti was assigned to undergo a "three year restoration process", according to the church, but it is not clear what this involves. 
Moloney, Rodger (70) RCC priest - 2005 Ordered to be extradited to NZ to face charges of molestation of three
boys aged under 16 between 1969 and 1980 at Marylands School, Christchurch, run by the St John of God Order.  Moloney was director of Marylands, a school for intellectually disabled children.  Aug 2006 Moloney (and Raymond Garchow, who is wanted on associated charges) won their appeal against extradition due to a quirk in the law which, in some cases, makes extradition between Australia and NZ more difficult.  NZ authorities appealed against the decision and in Oct 2006 the Australian High Court allowed extradition. In Nov 2006 Moloney was remanded on bail on four counts of anal intercourse with a person aged under 16, 11 charges of doing an indecent act on a boy aged 12 to 16, and two charges of inducing a boy aged 12 to 16 to do an indecent act.  As of 26/10/07 the case was still continuing.
Monaghan, Ian James (37) Anglican church elder - 1992 Coffs Harbour. Pleaded guilty to 30 charges against 11 boys aged between six and 15. The charges included sexual intercourse without consent, assault and act of indecency. Monaghan met all the boys through church activities. Sentenced to 7 years jail with a minimum of four years. Judge commented that Monaghan's crimes were "particularly depraved" and would "cause disgust and abhorrence to all right-thinking people". Before moving to Coffs Harbour, Monaghan had served as an altar boy at Urunga, during which time the priest was Eric William Griffith (see above).
Morley, John Sydney (67) Anglican priest and army chaplain - 1992 Pleaded guilty to indecent assault of 11yo girl and 15yo girl. 18 month suspended sentence.
Moynihan, Berchmans (79) St John of God and Christian Brother - 1995 Died shortly after being committed for trial on charges of raping a 9yo boy in 1958.
Mulligan, Terence, Marist Brother - St Joseph's College Hunter's Hill, 1970s. No offence details. 6 months periodic detention.
Mulvale, Gerard Joseph (47) RCC priest and Pallottine Brother - Pleaded guilty August 1995 to 2 counts against 15yo boy in 1980-81. Sentenced to 3 years jail, with non-parole period reduced to 18 months on appeal. November 1995 convicted of three counts against 15yo boy 1977-78. Total of 121 counts of rape, abduction, gross and indecent assault, most of which were dropped. Victims claimed the church had known of the complaints for 15 years. Another (female) victim suicided in 1994 after revealing her abduction and rape by Mulvale. Charges were dropped due to the death of the complainant. Mulvale was ordained in 1979, still listed as a priest in the 1996 Australian Catholic Directory and the Pallottines say that he will still minister with them when he is released. In 1997, Gerard Mulvale became eligible for release from jail on parole. He changed his name to Gerrard George Shaw, which he says was the surname of his birth mother. He has left the priesthood and, under his new name, has worked as a counsellor in the Yorgum Aboriginal Counselling Service in Western Australia.
Murphy, Lawrence Denis (82) Christian Brother - 1997 Committed for trial on 6 charges including carnal knowledge and indecent assault on boys in orphanages across WA. In 1998, Murphy, of Christies Beach, Adelaide, fails to appear in Perth District Court claiming "too ill to travel". Judge rejects claim and orders Murphy to fly to Perth or "suffer consequences".
Murray, James William (75) RCC msgr - 2000 Pleaded guilty to 3 counts of indecent assault against a 25yo woman who had worked as parish assistant in 1974. Fined $5000. Msgr Murray applied for suppression of his name on the grounds of embarrassment but was refused. Archbishop Pell was accused of contravening church law when he reinstalled Murray subsequent to his conviction. Murray was still on the list of Supplementary Priests in Melbourne in 2002.
Murray, Magnus "Max" William, RCC priest - Originally from New Zealand, Murray ministered in Sydney from 1972-76.  He was jailed in NZ in 2003.
Neilson, David, UCA minister - 2004 Neilson began an affair with the Youth Worker in his parish, which was subsequently investigated by the church and confirmed to be sexual misconduct and breach of pastoral ethics (both he and the Youth Worker were married, but the church discipline was for breach of pastoral relationship).  Neilson was suspended in 2004, removed from the placement in 2005 and resigned from the ministry 29th July 2006.
Nelson, Robert John, ex-de la Salle brother - No offence details. 6-10 years jail.
Nestor, John (44) RCC priest - 1997 Convicted of aggravated assault on 15yo altar boy. Sentenced to 12 months jail. Conviction later overturned.
Nobbs, Stephen Enoch, (69) Seventh Day Adventist senior deacon, fund-raiser and "pillar of community"- 2001 Received suspended 12 month jail sentence in Norfolk Island Supreme Court after being convicted on 6 child sex offences, including 2 counts of indecent assault and 4 of performing indecent act, against 2 girls, aged 7 and 13, in 1981 and again in 1996-8 at Norfolk Island.
O'Brien, Thomas Ross (57) RCC priest - 1993 Convicted of indecent assault on young male hitch-hiker. 18 month good behaviour bond.
O'Dempsey, Damien John (45) Christian Brother - 1994 Pleaded guilty to 6 counts of indecently dealing with a pupil in 1987 at the school where he was principal. Sentenced to 18 months jail with a non-parole period of 4 months. At the time of the hearing, O'Dempsey was in a senior administrative position with the Christian Brothers in Qld, and his duties included handling complaints of former students about sexual abuse by Christian Brothers.
O'Donnell, John Kevin (78) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1995 to 12 counts against both males and females aged 8-14yo between 1946-77. Sentenced to 39 months jail with a minimum of 15 months. At least four victims said they had also complained to church officials, including the Vicar General, between 1958-86. A district scout leader also said he had complained to the church after victims had told him of their abuse, but no action was taken. Originally faced 49 charges, and his victims included cubs, scouts, parish school students and altar boys during at least 35 of his 50 years of priesthood. O'Donnell died 1997.  More detail is available at
O'Keeffe, Thomas (deceased) RCC priest - 2001 Church investigation found a victim's allegations of
ritualised murders and sexual abuse to be substantially true and paid $33,000 in a confidential settlement. The Archdiocese's independent sexual abuse investigator, Peter O'Callaghan QC, said that he was satisfied that the man was telling the truth.  The victim had been sexually and physically abused by O'Keeffe from 11-14yo, and gave details of three deaths which occurred during what appeared to be satanic rituals.  O'Keeffe died in the mid-1980s.
O'Regan, John (74) RCC priest and Oblates of Mary Immaculate Brother - 1998 Died shortly before being charged with multiple sexual offences on orphanage children in the 1950s and 60s.
O'Rourke, Leonard John (79) RCC priest - 2000 Committed for trial on 13 charges of indecent dealing against 5 boys under 14 from 1960-63.  2004
Charged with 8 counts of indecent treatment of boys under the age of 14 and 1 count of indecent treatment of a girl under 12.
Painter, Michael Roderick (54) Anglican - WA,1994 Pleaded guilty to indecent assault of 17yo boy. Also charged with 4 counts against 13yo. Sentenced to 3 years probation and 240 hours community service. Painter committed suicide a week after sentencing. Anglican Archbishop Peter Carnley subsequently called for more balanced reporting of allegations of child sex abuse. The Sunday Times alleged the Anglican Church had tried for many years to cover up Painter's activities.
Pannasara, Kahatapitiye (60s) Buddhist monk - 1997 Kahatapitiye was found guilty of five counts of sexual penetration without consent and six counts of indecent assault on two women in their 20s and jailed for four years, to be followed by compulsory deportation.  Pannasara had entered Australia on a short-stay tourist visa in February 1993. In 1994, he became the holder of a religious worker visa, valid until 1995. In 1997, while his application for an extension of that visa was being considered, he was jailed and his application denied. In 2005, the Full Federal Court ruled that, with no visa entitlement, he was an unlawful non-citizen. Note: Due to conflicting news accounts, it is unclear which is his surname and which is his first name, so he is referred to by both and listed under both names.
Papadimitropoulos, Andreas, Greek Orthodox priest - 2002 Pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault against a 17yo girl.  Sentenced to two months suspended. 
Pearce, David (b. approx 1949) Christian Revival Crusade pastor - Sexually abused 16yo parishioner in the mid-1970s for 2½ years.  Insufficient evidence for criminal charges, but civil claim against him resulted in out-of-court settlement.  Pearce admitted the sexual activity but disputed the age of the victim.  The denomination were promoting his return to ministry in 2003, stating that the matter had been settled, he had been 'restored' and was fit to return.
Perrett, David (66) RCC priest - 1996 Pleaded guilty to indecent assault charges on 3 boys.  Sentenced to a 3yr good behaviour bond.  One of Perrett's alleged victims, who also had a disability, committed suicide
Pickering, Ronald Dennis, RCC priest - 2002 Catholic Church pays sex abuse victims more than $50,000 compensation after acknowledging Pickering sexually abused mainly young choir and altar boys between 1966 and 1993 while priest at Essendon, St Kilda East, Warburton, Clayton and Gardenvale. Church Independent Sexual Abuse Commission admits Pickering "had a proclivity for child abuse" and one victim claims up to 100 boys may have been abused by Pickering who lured his young victims with promises of watching television or receiving pocket money for doing odd jobs. In 1993, Pickering fled AUS following legal investigation and was last heard living in England where he applied to become priest. In 2002, victims informed Pickering's extradition to face charges in Melbourne "unlikely" since case "not serious enough" to justify costs. Also in 2002, former Gardenvale Catholic primary school teacher reveals she raised concerns about Pickering with former Melbourne Catholic Archbishop George PELL in 1989, but was "brushed aside".
Pidoto, Terrence Melville (56) RCC priest - 2001 Convicted on 4 charges of indecent assault on 10yo altar boy in Kilmore, north of Melbourne between 1977 and 1988. Pidoto had persuaded the altar boy's mother that regular massages would benefit the boy's football skills. Pidoto was sentenced to 3 years jail. (A separate trial relating to another victim resulted in an acquittal.) ABC News 10/5/02 indicated convictions quashed and retrial ordered. During 2001-2, while Pidoto was in jail, he was listed as "on leave" in the Catholic Directory.  2007 Convicted on 11 charges including rape, indecent assault and buggery on 4 boys aged between 12 and 15yo (had been charged with 22 offences involving 7 boys, who did not include the victim who had obtained the 2001 conviction.  Other known victims of Pidoto were not included in the trial for various reasons). The first of the offences occurred only one year after Pidoto was ordained.  Sentenced to 7 years 3 months jail, eligible for parole after 5 years.  At no time did he express remorse.  More detail can be found at, including Pidoto's activities as a Scout master and chaplain.
Pritchard, Peter Harold aka Joseph (53) St Gerard Order Vicar-General - 1993 Convicted of indecent assault on naval cadet while he was serving as naval chaplain. Sentenced to $2000 fine & 2 year good behaviour bond. 1997 Pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 6 teenagers and a 21-year-old man who were considering vocations between 1973 and 1992. Sentenced to 6 years jail. Former religious brother, priest, and high school principal.

Credits: In 2000, the Eros Foundation in Australia published a book entitled "Hypocrites" focussing on the high incidence of sexual crime in the church. Information from this source has been helpful in compiling the following list. "Hypocrites" can be read online in the archives of the National Library (PDF files, including illustrations) or as a text-only document on this site by clicking on this link. Further details were obtained from "The Australian Paedophile and Sex Offender Index" by Deborah Coddington. Data was also sourced from (to whom I express heartfelt appreciation for their co-operation) and (no longer operational), Broken Rites, news articles and other sources.


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