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Eames, Anthony (72) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1995 to 4 charges of indecent assault on girls under 14 from mid-1950s. 2 years suspended sentence. Died 1999 aged 75.
Eldridge, Graeme A (58) Presbyterian - 1998 Charged with 28 counts involving 3 boys under 16 in 1981.
Elliott, John Litton (69) Anglican priest - 2002 Found guilty of 10 counts of sodomy and 18 counts of indecent dealing involving five boys aged 10 to 13. Offences occurred c.1974 in QLD. Elliott was ordained 1986, retired 1998. Sentenced to 7˝ years jail with parole after 2˝ years.
Ellmore, Robert (61) Anglican priest and JP - 1957 Served one month's jail for aggravated assault on 10yo girl in Toowoomba. 1967 Charged with indecent exposure in Blues Point, Sydney. 1970s Trained for priesthood and ordained. 1984 Accused of sexually abusing 8yo girl in scripture classes. 1992 Convicted of molesting his 5yo second cousin in 1991. Sentenced to 5 year good behaviour bond and $5000 fine. 1992 Anglican Church revoked his licence to preach. 1998 Charged with abuse of twin 7yo girls. Charges later dropped. Gave himself up to police in February, 1999, after trying to escape arrest. Pleaded guilty 1999 to indecent assault on 2 girls aged 6 and 8yo in NSW Hunter Valley in 1976. Further charges laid re assault on a 7yo girl at around the same time. Sentenced to 12 months jail. June 2000 Still on parole (2 years) when charged with 3 counts of act of indecency while in Cumnock (near Bathurst) in 1980-81. June 2001 Pleaded guilty to twice molesting an 8yo girl in March 2001 while on bail for Cumnock charges. Also pleaded guilty to Cumnock charges. Sentenced to 11 years jail. Ellmore still wore dog collar at time of arrest for 2001 offence. De-frocked late 2002.
Ellul, Francis Xavier "Frans" (75) RCC priest - 2000 Catholic Church agrees to pay sex abuse victim $200,000 compensation after Church Commission into Sexual Abuse accepts as "substantially correct" victim's allegations against 3 priests, including Br Godfrey AINSWORTH, Fr Francis Ellul and Br Regis SMITH. Commission hears Ellul, of North Balwyn, in 1973 forced female victim, aged 25, to strip in presbytery of St Clare's Catholic Church, Box Hill North, and parade in front of him while he masturbated. Commission told priest also requested menstrual blood from victim. Listed as "retired" in 2002 Directory.
Elmer, Rex Ignatius (53) Christian Brother - 1998 South Melbourne. Pleaded guilty to 12 charges of indecent assault against male under 16 at Christian Brothers orphanage in the 1970s. Received 5 year jail sentence. Originally faced 71 charges including penetration and gross indecency. Was still a member of the order at the time of his arrest.
Enki, Ariel Abraham - see Laishkochav, Alistah
Evans, Michael, Christian Brother - 1994 Committed suicide the day after being charged with indecent assault on teenage boy while principal at Edmund Rice College. Also accused of assault on at least 5 other boys in the early 1980s.
Fangaake, Toungu (38) Tongan church preacher - 1999 Kissed another man's girlfriend in a nightclub. The man approached Fangaake and a fight developed. Fangaake punched the other man, causing his death.  (Note: Although this case does not strictly come under the heading of clergy sexual abuse, it is included because of concerns about both the inappropriate sexual behaviour displayed and the violence of Fangaake's response to a justifiable complaint.)
Farrell, Alan Arthur (45) Anglican - 1994 Convicted of 6 charges involving abduction and penetration of disabled 34yo male. Farrell tied the man and raped him four times in the one night, then turned him loose in the streets with his hands still bound. Sentenced to 8 years jail. Appeal against conviction rejected 1996. Farrell's licence as a priest was indefinitely suspended by the Tasmanian diocese (see explanation at top of page).
Farrell, Stephen Francis (45) Christian Brother - Pleaded guilty 1997 to 9 counts of indecent assault on two boys aged 9 and 10. Sentenced to 2 years jail suspended for 2 years.
Fasciale, Nazareno (69) RCC priest - 1996 Died allegedly of cancer, actually of acute coronary occlusion, while facing 13 charges against 7 children (5 girls and 2 boys). Told police he "could not deny" fondling children as young as 11 after mass. The church later admitted that Fasciale had admitted the offences to them.  The earliest complaints had been made to the church by two separate victims' parents in 1954 and 1960, but the church had, in each case, begged the parents to remain silent for the sake of the church, transferred Fasciale and done nothing to stop him continuing to abuse.  At least 12 victims are known of, and each victim knows others who have not come forward.  More detail can be found at
Fearon, Colin, Jesuit - Abused boy at St Aloysius Sydney in 1968. Fearon was deemed too sick to stand trial, but the Jesuits admitted truth of the victim's account. Fearon had previously been convicted in NZ for similar offences.
Finch, Richard Ellis, Uniting Church (ex-Methodist) - 2003 Complaint from one victim resulted in church investigation which found Finch molested four girls in Harvey, WA in the 1950s.  The abuse of one victim had been discovered at the time, and the church had told the victim's mother that if she never talked about it the girl would forget.  Charges were never laid, and Finch was allowed to resign "due to ill health".
Fitzmaurice, Dominic aka "The Groper", Dominican Brother and primary school teacher - 1994 Catholic Church issues official apology on behalf of Fitzmaurice who was accused in 1994 of indecently assaulting girl, aged 12, in 1972 at St Martin's Girls Primary School, Karina, Brisbane. Church inquiry hears priest described as "dirty old man" with reputation for fondling girls' breasts which progressed to rape in victim's case. Dominican order agrees to pay half victim's counselling costs. Victim support group claims school's head sister warned students to stay away from Fitzmaurice in 1973. Priest dies 1975, aged 62.
Fletcher, Robin Angas (41)Self-styled warlock - 1998 Jailed for 10 years after pleading guilty to wilfully committing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16; one count of child prostitution and one count of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Fletcher made sex slaves of two 15-year-old girls by convincing them they were taking part in pagan rituals. He used hypnotism to entice the girls into prostitution, sadomasochism and black magic.  He dressed the girls in dog collars, bound them and flogged them with a horse whip and paddle.  Fletcher was released on parole in 2006, subject to a range of conditions including an electronic monitoring device and a curfew, as well as bans on contact with children and going near schools and playgrounds.  He is considered at high risk of re-offending because he believes that his religion justifies his actions.  Note: Wiccan practices do not justify or promote sexual offences any more than Christianity does.
Fletcher, James Patrick (63) RCC priest - 2004 Convicted of 9 counts of sexual assault on teenage boy in the early 1990s.  A second man, abused by Fletcher in the 1980s, gave evidence at the trial.  Sentenced to 10 years jail, with 7˝ year non-parole period. The church a) tipped Fletcher off about the impending criminal charges and funded his legal defence, and b) did not stand Fletcher down until 9 months after learning of the police investigation, when the news finally broke in the media.  They had also known about the allegations since the victim's father complained to them in 1995.  On 13 December 2004 - while he was awaiting his sentence - Fletcher was charged in Maitland Local Court with having indecently assaulted yet another teenage boy. These incidents occurred at Maitland in January-March 1978 when Fletcher was located at the cathedral. This was a decade before Fletcher went to the first victim's parish. This case was adjourned to 18 April 2005 but, by then, Fletcher was in jail and the prosecutors considered that there was no point in bringing him back to court again.  Fletcher died of a stroke in 2006, but requested in his will that his executor seek special leave to appeal against his conviction in the High Court, after it was earlier rejected in the Court of Criminal Appeal. But the full bench of the High Court dismissed that application, saying there was no merit for it to be granted.  By April 2006, six of Fletcher's sex-abuse victims had contacted the NSW police. However, police can do nothing further about Fletcher because of his death.
Flynn, Leo aka Fr Mintie (83) Jesuit priest and parish priest - 2000 Catholic Church makes confidential $30,000 payment to female flight attendant, then aged 19, after church inquiry found Flynn, formerly of Richmond, sexually assaulted woman in 1973 at her Melbourne flat. Inquiry hears Flynn stalked woman for 3 years after assault occurred, resulting in traumatisation. Flynn known by parishioners as Fr Mintie for handing out sweets to children in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane parishes.
Folli, Michael Anthony, Marist Brother - 2002 Pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual intercourse without consent with a person under 16 and five counts of indecent assault on a male. The offences took place in 1980-83 while Folli was a teacher at Benedict Senior College, Auburn.
Foster, Raymond aka Brother Celestine (67) Marist Brother - Hanged himself 1999 while facing 5 charges of indecent assault on boy under 16.
Fox, Julian, Salesian priest - 2000 Settled out of court sex abuse cases with two complainants (one of whom was a heroin addict; as his mother says "fancy giving a heroin addict $30,000 cash...He went on a heroin haze holiday.").  The deed of settlement stated that the settlement is made “with an express denial of liability and solely for the purpose of avoiding litigation”. 2005 Fox was also wanted for interview by detectives over allegations of multiple rapes of a boy at Rupertswood school in Victoria in the 1970s, but had been living in Rome since 2003 and refused to return (Fox went first to Fiji after other allegations, then to Rome).  The Salesians did not order him to return, even though they could have, and the victim died later that year, thereby ending the case.  (Rupertswood was also the location of David Rapson, Frank Klep and Jack Ayers, all of whom are listed in these pages)
Gadwin, John (65) Christian Brother 1998 Found dead (apparently committed suicide) in car at Forest Park, north of Brisbane, while facing child sex charges, including committing unlawful sexual intercourse, against boy, aged 13, in mid-1960s.
Gannon, Desmond Laurence (74) - Convicted 2003 of indecent assault against 14yo boy in 1958-9.  Given 3 month suspended sentence.  Pleaded guilty 1997 to 11 charges including indecent assault and gross indecency against 4 boys 1963-76. Sentenced to 12 months jail suspended for 2 years. Previously convicted 1995 and served 12 month sentence.  One other conviction in late 1990s resulted in another suspended sentence.
Garchow, Raymond John (57) RCC priest - 2005 Ordered to be extradited to NZ to face charges of molestation of three boys aged under 16 between 1969 and 1980 at Marylands School, Christchurch, run by the St John of God Order.  Garchow was working at the school as a dormitory supervisor; he was ordained as a priest in 1987.  Aug 2006 Garchow (and Rodger Moloney, who is wanted on associated charges) won their appeal against extradition due to a quirk in the law which, in some cases, makes extradition between Australia and NZ more difficult.  NZ authorities appealed against the decision and in Oct 2006 the Australian High Court allowed extradition. In Nov 2006 Garchow was remanded on bail on three counts of doing an indecent act on a boy aged 12 to 16, and five of inducing a boy of that age to do an indecent act.  As of 26/10/07 the case was still continuing.
Gibson, Donald William (75) Anglican priest - 2005 Charged with
14 counts of indecent assault, seven counts of gross indecency, one count of buggery, one count of attempted buggery and one count of attempted gross indecency on 3 male victims between 1964-66.
Gilsanen, Terry J. (45) Marist Brother - 2001 Pleaded guilty to 3 charges of penetration and gross indecency against 12yo pupil. Sentenced to 3 years jail.
Glennon, Michael Charles (46) RCC priest - Convicted 1978 of child sex offences against 10yo girl. Jailed for 2 years. Released in 1979 after serving 7 months, Glennon indecently assaulted another girl 9 weeks later. In 1984 Glennon was charged with assault on an 11yo boy and rape on a 13yo boy, but was acquitted on both counts. In Nov 1985, then 42yo Glennon was charged with offences including buggery and indecent assault on 5 boys and one girl aged between 12 and 16. During preliminary hearings, Derryn Hinch disclosed on radio details of Glennon's 1978 conviction and asked how he had been allowed to continue running a Youth Foundation. In 1991, Glennon was convicted on counts of attempted buggery and buggery with violence. Glennon appealed on the basis of Hinch's compromising a fair trial. The Supreme Court quashed the convictions in Dec 1991. One victim suicided on hearing that. The DPP appealed against the Supreme Court's decision, and the High Court reinstated the convictions in May 1992. Glennon appealed again in June 1992 but the appeal was dismissed. Jailed for 9 years with a minimum of 7 years.  October 2003 Glennon convicted on a further 26 counts against 4 victims.  Sentenced to a further 18 years jail. November 2005 Three charges quashed on appeal from Glennon; sentence reduced to 14˝ years.  Prosecutors intend to pursue the charges in a new trial
Goggs, Leonard Russell (deceased) Anglican priest - Fathered twin boys in the course of sexually assaulting a 19yo parishioner in 1962.  The victim told church hierarchy that Goggs had raped her, and that she was pregnant, but no action was taken.  Goggs and then-Archbishop Rayner both told the boys that Goggs was their father in the late 1970s, but still nothing was done.  In 2005, the victim withdrew from the Adelaide diocese's Healing Steps programme because they insisted on re-investigating matters already admitted.  The church did not respond to lawyers' requests for an out-of-court settlement and the matter is to proceed to the District Court.
Goodall, Terence Norman (64) RCC priest - 2005 Admitted 2 counts of indecent assault against a 29yo man in January 1982.  The victim reported the abuse to the then auxiliary bishop of Sydney, Patrick Murphy, the next day, but no action was taken.  He complained to the church again in 2002, whereupon Cardinal Pell convened an investigation, but a subsequent letter from Pell to the victim, found through a police raid on Pell's office in 2003, said: "There is no doubt certain events did take place. What cannot be determined by me, however, is whether it was a matter of sexual assault as you state, or homosexual behaviour between two consenting adults as maintained by Father Goodall. In the end, it is a matter of your word against his." (NB. Pell ignores the fact that in 1982 any homosexual activity was illegal.)  Judge Philip Bell determined that the victim had clearly indicated lack of consent, and that the priest's position of trust and authority had contributed to the seriousness of the offence and the necessity for a conviction to be recorded.  Goodall was sentenced to "the rising of the court" (ie. a custodial term that lasts from the time the judge begins sentence pronouncement until the time the court adjourns at the end of the hearing - in this case only 4 seconds). 
, Brian Robert (56) RCC - Marist Brother and Queensland Catholic Education administrator convicted 1998 on 8 charges of indecent assault against four 11yo boys. Gordon gave one victim penance of "three Hail Marys" after committing assaults. Originally faced 15 charges. Sentenced to 12 months jail.
Grealy, Thomas William aka Brother Augustine (68) Patrician Brother - 1997 Pleaded guilty to 5 charges including penetration and indecent assault against 9yo boy. Court heard that Grealy covered statue of Virgin Mary with black raincoat before molesting boy in his office, and also "molested numerous boys quite openly". Sentenced to 7 years jail.
Green, Philip Richard (68) RCC Monsignor - 2004 Charged with one count of indecent assault against a 16-year-old boy in 1970 and a second count of indecent assault against the same person in 1976. Green pleaded guilty to the second count, which occurred when he went to the victim's home after identifying the body of the young man's sister, who had been killed in a road crash.  Crown prosecutor Daryl Coates told the court that the victim was sitting in a car when Green sat down beside him, grabbed his groin and forcibly tongue kissed him.  Green was sentenced to a three month suspended jail term and a two year good behaviour bond.   Green had previously been made an Order of Australia in 1995 and awarded an MBE in 1998 for his services to the church community, but was removed from ministry in October 2003, 18 months after the abuse allegations were first reported to church officials.
Griffith, Eric William (50) Anglican - Pleaded guilty in 1992 to 3 counts of indecent assault and 4 counts of gross indecency against a 14 yo boy in his parish. He was jailed for 18 months; eligible for release 12/4/94.
Gubbels, Jack (49) RCC priest - 1995 Committed suicide only hours after being questioned by police about claims of child abuse.
Gwillim, John Barry (71) - Pleaded guilty 2003 to
five counts of indecent assault and four counts of gross indecency against a 15yo boy between October 1979 and February 1981Gwillim told police after his arrest: "It was the sort of thing (where there was) a lovely slice of cake, and I bloody well ate it."  At the trial, Fr Bob Maguire, the director of Open Family Foundation, said Gwillim was a "wounded healer" who suffered burnout.  Gwillim was sentenced to 2 years 8 months, wholly suspended, with the judge asserting he was unlikely to re-offend. 
Hall, Philip Stanley aka Brother Malcolm (73) Marist Brother - Died allegedly of heart failure after being charged with multiple child sex offences including digital penetration and indecent assault against girls and boys, aged 9 to 16, during 1960s.
Haln, Young Key (47) Presbyterian - 2002 Haln, a church minister, was jailed for 8 years on charges of rape, digital rape and indecent assault. The victim was a 14-year-old girl.
Court hears Haln, who ran farm where visiting Korean Christians could work, seduced girl after offering to teach her English.
Hallet, John (45) Christian Brother - 1995 Convicted of two charges against pupils at the (aboriginal) school he was principal of. Originally faced 72 charges with 35 children, some as young as 6yo. Conviction later overturned.
Hardy, Phillip John (40) Marist Brother, trainee priest, school teacher - Pleaded guilty in 1995 to 13 counts and convicted on another 5 against a single boy from the ages of 8-16yo. The abuse ended in 1986 when the victim bit Hardy during an incident. At the time of the offences, Hardy was a religious education teacher. When the assaults were brought into the open, Hardy left the school and joined a religious order as a trainee priest. Sentenced to 11 years jail with 7 years non-parole, in protective custody because of the nature of his offences.
Hartcher, Guy Norman (47) RCC priest, school teacher, seminary rector and Vincentian brother - 1994 Appears in Sydney Local Court charged with 10 counts of indecently assaulting two boys, aged 11 to 13, between 1973 and 1975 at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst, west of Sydney. Court hears Hartcher, following assaults, was transferred to Vincentian establishments overseas before returning in early 1990s to take up position as rector of Rostrevor Catholic Seminary, Adelaide. Also in 1994, Adelaide Advertiser reports SA Vincentian order paid $40,000 out-of-court settlement to another victim who was allegedly abused by Hartcher when boy aged 14. Newspaper says order made payment without admitting any liability or offering any apology to victim. The settlement was made in 1994, 5 years before Hartcher's appointment to the NSW Hunter Valley parish of Gresford-Dungog.  Neither of the criminal cases resulted in a conviction, and Hartcher remained in ministry until 2004, when a member of the public complained about Hartcher's unfitness for ministry based on internet records of the court case.  Hartcher was withdrawn from ministry, but no mention was made of the separate civil settlement.  About Hartcher's appointment to Dungog-Gresford after earlier allegations, the bishop, Michael Malone, said "I chose not to inform the people because I didn't really think that needed to be done and a man was entitled to his own reputation in the eyes of the people. If he chose to tell people, then that was his business about what had happened to him." (Note: Malone is a member of the church's National Committee on Professional Standards.) Hartcher has since been banned from ministering in the Newcastle diocese, but remains a priest in the Vincentian order.
Hawkins, Garth Stephen, Anglican - May 2002 Internal church tribunal found Hawkins guilty of 8 counts of sexual assault and 2 of rape on two boys during the period 1979-84. Hawkins defrocked June 2002. November 2003 Found guilty in court of sexual crimes against 7 young males.  Jailed for 7˝ years with a non-parole period of 4˝ years. August 2004 Charged with a further count of indecent assault.
Hesford, Francis (83) Marist Brother - Pleaded guilty 1997 to indecent assault on 2 girls in 1970, 9&12yo. 12 month good behaviour bond.
Hewitt, Edward Patrick (50) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 1986 to wilful exposure. Fined $200 and church stood him down from active duties for several months before transferring him to a different area. Pleaded guilty 1996 to wilfully exposing himself to two 13yo boys (Hewitt stood naked at gate of his home as children walked to school). Preached Easter sermon only a few days after pleading guilty. Fined $1000 and suspended from parish duties. Now retired.
Hocking, William (Bill) (48) Christian Brother in charge of youth refuge - Pleaded guilty 1992 to aggravated indecent assault on 14yo boy. Sentenced to 150 hours community service.
Holmes, Gary William (48) Riverdale New Ministries Elder and former Jesus People mission director - Pleaded guilty to 30 charges of indecent assault and indecent dealing. Sentenced to 4˝ years jail.
Hoopman, David Bertrand (73) Lutheran pastor, student counsellor and school chaplain - 2002 Appears in Brisbane District Court on 6 charges of indecent dealing with girl, aged under 16, while student counsellor and school chaplain at Concordia Memorial College between 1979 and 1981. Court hears Hoopman assaulted victim in school library and other places and once told girl it was best if no one knew about it "except God, him and her".
Hopkins, Ronald William (63) trainee Christian Brother - 1999 Pleaded guilty to six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of indecent assault on a 13-year-old schoolboy. Hopkins was a former school principal, and the offences took place at a shop owned by him in Adelaide. Sentenced to 2 years jail.
Hourigan, Daniel (65) RCC priest - 1995 Committed suicide 3 days after being charged on child sex offences.
Houston, Frank (c.80) AoG pastor - 2000 Internal church investigation confirmed "serious moral failure" while Houston was a pastor in New Zealand.  Houston was sacked by the church he helped to found (Hillsong, Sydney). 
The AoG's national executive vice-president, John Lewis, who conducted the Frank Houston investigation, said the offences were so serious that Mr Houston senior, then in his early 80s, was not even given the option of quietly retiring.  Subsequent (2003) investigation by the Sydney Morning Herald and contact with a victim established the offence was sexual abuse of under-age boys.  Houston died November 2004. 
Houston, William (62) Christian Brother - 2001 Christian Brothers paid $50,000 in a civil settlement with one of Houston's victims.  In 1997, Houston had appeared in court on 14 charges relating to this victim, and was committed for trial on 3 of them - one of buggery and two of indecent assault -  but the OPP later refused to proceed with the case.
Howarth, Kevin (59) RCC priest - 1996 Pleaded guilty to 5 charges of indecent assault on 2 girls 11yo and 8yo. The offences occurred in 1983, and the parents first complained to the church in 1984. They were told their daughters would "get over it as they're only young". Sentenced to 6 month intensive correction order and fined $2000.
Jensen, Lindsay Ronald (53) Brethren - Jan 2007 Sentenced to three years jail for sexual offences against two young girls (9yo and 12yo).  The girls had previously complained to the Exclusive Brethren, but the complaints had been dismissed and the girls vilified.  After the elder girl had later seen Jensen at her school, the complaint was taken to the police.  The Brethren then excluded Jensen and his wife from the church - a ban on any communication with any church members, including their own family, which applies worldwide.  Apr 2007 One year added to Jensen's sentence for three counts of aggravated indecent assault, making him eligible for parole in 2010.
Johnson, David Russell (44) Christian Brother - 1997 Catholic school teacher and primary school principal. Convicted in Wollongong Local Court after being charged with 8 child sex offences, including 5 counts of indecent assault and 3 of inciting act of indecent assault, against 2 girls, aged 12, and 3 boys, aged under 16, between 1976 and 1981. Court hears Johnson, former principal of St Paul's primary school, Moss Vale, molested victims in Wollongong, Sydney and Lightning Ridge, NSW. Media reported that the Catholic Church claimed to be "shocked" by Johnson's arrest and that hundreds of children in 3 schools were offered counselling.  At least one victim was subsequently offered an out of court settlement by the Catholic Church.
Jordan, John Joseph aka Brother Fabian (69) Christian Brother - Pleaded guilty 1999 to one count indecent assault on 13yo boy in Geelong orphanage. Originally faced 74 charges against 3 boys. Given 12 month good behaviour bond.
Kahatapitiye, Pannasara (60s) Buddhist monk - 1997 Kahatapitiye was found guilty of five counts of sexual penetration without consent and six counts of indecent assault on two women in their 20s and jailed for four years, to be followed by compulsory deportation.  Pannasara had entered Australia on a short-stay tourist visa in February 1993. In 1994, he became the holder of a religious worker visa, valid until 1995. In 1997, while his application for an extension of that visa was being considered, he was jailed and his application denied. In 2005, the Full Federal Court ruled that, with no visa entitlement, he was an unlawful non--citizen. Note: Due to conflicting news accounts, it is unclear which is his surname and which is his first name, so he is referred to by both and listed under both names.
Kamm, William (55) founder of Order of Saint Charbel doomsday cult - 2005 Found guilty of aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault against a teenage girl in 1993 (original charges included offences against two girls).  Kamm, who goes by the alias "Little Pebble" in his cult, informed the girl, who was living with her parents in the religious community, that she had been chosen by the Virgin Mary to become one of his 12 "queens" and she would be required to bear him 17 children for a new holy race.  Kamm was jailed for 5 years, with a non-parole period of 3˝ years.
Keane, John (63) RCC priest - Convicted 1990 of exposing himself in public toilet (observed by plain clothes police). Sentenced to 12 month good behaviour bond.
Keating, Frank Terrence aka Brother Ibar (55) De La Salle Brother - Pleaded guilty 1998 to 21 charges on 12 boys under 13yo between 1972-78 in Melbourne. Sentenced to 3 years with 28 months suspended. Previously stood down from employment twice after complaints of sexual abuse. After one parent complained in 1978, the order sent Keating on 2 years study leave and subsequently appointed him principal in a Catholic school in another state. Keating taught in WA, Qld, NSW and Victoria. He left the order in 1991. Note: A survivor of Keating's abuse has set up a
support group for other victims of Keating. Click here to contact him.
Keliher, Terence Thomas (62) RCC priest - Pleaded guilty 2000 to two counts indecently dealing with 9yo girl. The girl's intellectually disabled mother had begged Keliher to stop the abuse. He was sentenced to 2
˝ years jail.
King, Gordon Virgo (70) Anglican priest - 1994 Convicted of sodomy and indecent dealing against boys at an Anglican youth drop-in centre. Sentenced to 4 years jail with a recommendation to parole after 1 year. Previously convicted Cairns 1993 (gross indecency in 1962-3, sentenced to one year's jail) and WA 1956 (4 counts indecent dealing, sentenced to 1 year's jail). The Anglican Church did not dismiss him in 1956 and he transferred to Qld, ministered in parishes until 1981 then became Director of Anglican Youth Services in Cairns.
Kiss, Janos (b.1952) Hungarian RCC priest - In 1984 in Hungary, Kiss initiated an abusive relationship with a 16yo Hungarian girl, whom he described as his niece and housekeeper in order to conceal the abuse.  In 1990 Kiss brought the girl with him to Australia, where he ministered in Victoria.  The victim ended the abuse in 1992, but Kiss continued to harass her with notes and phone calls for 10 years.  In 2002, the victim complained to the church, whose investigation substantiate the complaint and also advised the victim to return to Hungary to pursue the matter there.  Kiss returned to Hungary in 2006 but has been allowed to continue ministry. Note: The international nature of this complaint makes it doubly hard for the victim to achieve a positive outcome due to the potential for buck-passing.  The Australian and Hungarian Churches both refer the victim to the other country's hierarchy, and the Vatican has not answered her letters.
Kiss, Vincent Kieran (70) RCC - 2002 Pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to 13 child sex charges - 10 indecent assault, 3 buggery - on four boys aged 13-17 between 1966 and 1973. When the offences occurred, Kiss was the Catholic Diocesan Director of Youth in Wagga Wagga. Sentenced to 7-10 years jail. Kiss had already served 7 years in jail for embezzlement (1992-99) during which time his name was linked with an alleged paedophile network operating out of Pagsanjan. Kiss is not listed in the 2002 Catholic Directory.
Kitchingham, Allan (69) Anglican - 2002 Receives 2 year and 9 month jail sentence after pleading guilty in Newcastle District Court to 5 counts of indecent assault against boy, aged 13, in 1975 at North Coast Children's Home, Lismore. Victim, who described ruling as "joke", claims priest assaulted him "several times a week for a year" and that church officials put him on bus to Kings Cross after complaints made.
Kitchingman will be eligible for release on the 4th of February, 2004 and will then be on parole for 1 year.
Klep, Francis Gerard (b.1943) RCC priest and Salesian Brother - Convicted 1994 on 4 charges of indecent assault on 2 boys between 1976 and 1979. Sentenced to 9 month intensive correction order. Transferred to another Salesian house, and later to Samoa.
In 1998, police sought to question Father Klep again [concerning additional complainants from the school where the earlier offences occurred] and discovered that he had left for Samoa. They charged him with five counts of indecent assault and issued a nationwide arrest warrant, but Australia has no extradition treaty with Samoa. A church panel that recently investigated one abuse complaint asked the Salesians to consider suspending his ministry, but not even his admission in that case led to significant discipline. The priest's penance was loss of his ceremonial title: "priest in charge" of the order's offices near Apia, the Samoan capital. An investigation in 2004 by a reporter from the Dallas Morning News led to the discovery that Klep had lied about his prior conviction on his Samoan visa application. (Fr John M. Murphy, then in Samoa but former head of Salesians in Australia, had witnessed Klep's visa application and declared Klep had no criminal convictions.)  Klep was deported from Samoa in June 2004 and arrested on arrival in Melbourne. He is due to face a preliminary hearing beginning March 29, 2005 on charges relating to 9 victims, and police are investigating laying further charges relating to another 8 victims.  October 2005 Pleaded guilty to 13 charges of indecent assault against teenage boys in Melbourne during the 1970s (the 28 original charges included drugging of victims and digital penetration, but Klep plea-bargained).  Sentenced to 3 years jail, with a one-year non-parole period.   Many other victims have contacted survivor advocacy groups, but chosen not to proceed with criminal charges, and have also told of more victims who suicided after leaving school.

Credits: In 2000, the Eros Foundation in Australia published a book entitled "Hypocrites" focussing on the high incidence of sexual crime in the church. Information from this source has been helpful in compiling the following list. "Hypocrites" can be read online in the archives of the National Library (PDF files, including illustrations) or as a text-only document on this site by clicking on this link. Further details were obtained from "The Australian Paedophile and Sex Offender Index" by Deborah Coddington. Data was also sourced from (to whom I express heartfelt appreciation for their co-operation) and (no longer operational), Broken Rites, news articles and other sources.


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