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May 2009: The Irish Catholic (Ferns) report is released.  The report of a long-running investigation into abuse by clergy and lay workers, primarily in church institutions, and the investigation of how much of the abuse was known to church hierarchy at the time.  Read my article about it here and read the full text of the report here (external site - abuse victim-friendly).

May 2009: The Anglican Church in Australia released the result of research into clergy abuse complaints in dioceses around Australia.  Read my article about it here and the text of the research here (external site - Anglican Church-owned).

January 2009: A doctoral student in the US is doing a thesis on the impact of clergy sexual abuse.  As part of her research, she has constructed an anonymous survey, on a secure website.  Click here for more information, and the survey itself is here.

November 2005: Adelaide Diocese proposes removing confidentiality of the confessional when child abuse is confessed.  See,23599,20613907-2,00.html

August 2004: The Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church has implemented a "Care and Assistance Package", allowing victims of abuse within the diocese to claim compensation without going through the courts.  While I applaud the move, there are still some significant concerns with the procedure and structure of it.  I will be adding the information to this site, but meanwhile please email me for further details.

15th May 2003 - The Australian Senate demands the resignation or sacking of the Governor-General because of mishandling of clergy abuse complaints whilst Archbishop of Brisbane. See news story

PEPPA (Promotion of Ethical Practice to Prevent Abuse) Seminar "Opening our hearts and minds to people who have experienced abuse". Sydney, June 18th 2003, 6:30-8:00pm.

Following the resignation on 13/12/02 of Cardinal Law, Archbishop of Boston and top-ranking US Catholic, due to the continuing emergence of documentation proving the diocese's cover-up of sexual abuse claims over decades:
8/4/03 Boston Globe wins Pulitzer prize for its
coverage of the events
Poll of Boston-area Catholics shows most believe Law should be prosecuted
For a list of other bishops around the world who have resigned due to clergy sexual abuse issues, see

1st June 2004: The report of the independent inquiry into abuse in the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide has been released.  It is available online here. NOTE-This link is to the diocesan website.  If you would like access to the report but do not wish to access a church website, please email me.

11th June 2004: Adelaide's Anglican Archbishop, Ian George, quit today in the wake of the clergy sex abuse report mentioned above, and the diocesan Professional Standards Committee's request for him to stand aside.  He joins a growing number (more than 20 since 1990) of bishops and archbishops around the world who have stood down in the wake of sex scandals in their dioceses.

28th July 2004: It has been announced that Donald Shearman, the Anglican bishop whose sexual predation of a teenage girl eventually led to the resignation of Governor-General Peter Hollingworth, will be defrocked in a formal ceremony on August 25th this year.  This is believed to be the first ever defrocking of a bishop for sexual offences.

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